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In a follow up email to our guests, we asked them to provide feedback on the event.  Below are some of the wonderful things people had to say:

The combination of the incredible barbecue and the great Green Flash beer combined with some great musicians easily made The Yard my favorite location of SXSW.
— Sonya Wiley-Pertolanitz
Rocking a Stoli Moscow Mule in one hand and a Green Flash IPA in the other while licking BBQ sauce off my lips and dancing in the open air to Chelsea Lankes!
— Matthew Solarski
This was the best chill part throughout SXSW, met some new people, had a much needed place to sit, and drank some deliciously free beer..
— Greg Delaney
The free Green Flash! One of my favorite beers. Plus I loved that the place wasn’t packed wall to wall like most shows / events at SX. I really enjoyed seeing Civil Twilight live for the first time.
— shane guitar
Man events like these are what SXSW is all about. Awesome music, food, drinks, friends. Wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m telling everyone I know about this party next year fo sho
— Gabby Supnet
Going to The Yard and watching concerts all day was the best idea I ever had. It was such a great experience and I would totally go again next year. It’s such a great environment for finding new music groups. All the concerts went by very smoothly. And the barbecue was to die for. Great day over all.
— Quincy Summers
My wife and I loved the whole scene at The Yard. Such a nice, easygoing vibe compared to other SX venues. Beer, great bands, incredible BBQ...what’s not to like? We were thrilled to see one of our favorite bands, Rubblebucket. Favorite moment would have to be when Kal and Alex from Rubblebucket came out into the crowd to march around.
— Jon Lyons
There are too many moments to pick a favorite .. the Yard was my favorite venue though ... the people were amazing, the band’s awesome, the beer was cold and the smiles always free! Can’t wait to come back next year!!
— Stuart De Vries